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About Advantage Fabricated Metals

Advantage Fabricated Metals, a division of Corrugated Metals, Inc. is an Illinois-based, full-service manufacturer and fabricator of custom metal components for original equipment manufacturing applications.

Our focus at Advantage Fabricated Metals is to be more than a metal fabricating company; we wish to be thought of as partners with our customers, charged with providing innovative, cost effective, products that achieve competitive and strategic market advantages for our customers.

Our unique capabilities allow us to achieve that objective. We utilize state of the art technology and heavy-duty equipment that exceeds the limitations of competitors.

Our capabilities include the following standard services:

Advantage Fabricated Metals management prides itself upon achieving two major objectives for our customers:

  1. we provide cost savings by assisting in the design and manufacture of new products or alternatives to existing products.

  2. we provide concrete advantages when compared to products or components produced by their competitors.

When your company needs custom metal fabricated pieces or components, or unique standard or robotic welding services performed, call Advantage Fabricated Metals at 1-815-323-1310 or fill out our contact form.


If you don't have an immediate need for Advantage Fabricated Metals custom metal fabricating and custom welding services, bookmark this page for future reference.

Advantage Fabricated Metals
a division of Corrugated Metals, Inc.
We invest in our customers.™
3575 Morreim Drive • Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Phone: 1-815-323-1310 • Fax: 1-815-323-1317
Email: info@advantagefabricatedmetals.com

Fill out our contact form or speak directly to a custom metal fabricating and welding services representative at: 1-815-323-1310.

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