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Advantage Fabricated Metals services directly benefit Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, by providing them access to the extensive contract metal fabricating services we offer. These custom metal fabricating services include metal stamping, roll forming, punching, press braking, notching, embossing, corrugating, roll forming, shearing, cut to length, welding, assembly and design services coupled with our unique solutions orientation.

  • Competitive and strategic advantages
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Value-added fabricating
  • Design assistance
  • Stocking and inventory programs
  • Metal buying power
  • Family ownership
  • Quality materials access

Competitive and strategic advantages

Advantage Fabricated Metals works very hard to provide our contract metal fabricating customers a measurable advantage over their competition. We accomplish this by:

  1. investing in our customers’ success,
  2. designing products that our customers’ competitors can’t get, or copy, because they can’t match the services through another single contract manufacturing vendor,
  3. entering into long-term, exclusive, contracts,
  4. providing turn key design, heavy duty metal fabrication, and assembly services,
  5. providing improved products, or custom metal fabricated components, that are aesthetically superior and very cost effective,
  6. being located in the heart of United States providing unparalleled air, rail, water and highway access.

Cost savings

Advantage Fabricated Metals is able to fabricate wider, larger, and heavier custom components than virtually any custom metal fabricator in the U.S. Many times, this allows our customers to save both labor and material costs. We provide engineering solutions and can provide our customers with designs of multi-purpose parts, again lowering costs.

Advantage Fabricated Metals will design, tool, and develop your custom metal fabricated component or product, removing the engineering and R&D burden saving our customers time and expenses.

We reduce your custom metal fabricating costs by providing completed components or products, eliminating the double markups when a metal providing metal fabrication services cannot supply all of the required services or capabilities.

Advantage Fabricated Metals reduces add-on customer transportation costs by eliminating the need to ship partially finished components or products to other, or even multiple, vendors to provide all the needs fabrication services.

Reduced tooling costs

We pay for tooling! Save the time and aggravation hassling with vendors about who is going to pay for tooling costs.

Value-added fabricating

Advantage Fabricated Metals can provide the additional fabricating required, in-house, to produce a more complete component solution.

Design assistance

Projects that seem impossible, or unusually difficult, excite our design and engineering staff. We communicate electronically via e-mail to make it easier to share ideas. We will take a rudimentary design and provided finished shop drawings for our customers or use the drawings they can provide, offering suggestions to make the production more cost-effective.

Stocking and inventory programs

Advantage Fabricated Metals works with our customers to ensure their inventory requirements are met. Some customers:

  • require us to keep many truckloads of raw materials,
  • need finished product on the floor ready to ship at all times, and
  • need special run and hold programs.

When you have a special stocking or inventory program need, call Advantage Fabricated Metals! We invest in our customer’s success!

Metal buying power

Advantage Fabricated Metals custom fabricates about 30 million pounds of carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel each year! This buying power enables us to negotiate with our vendors with more leverage and, in turn, offer our customers great pricing on high quality material. Our extensive inventory of raw material also means that we can more quickly react to your needs, reducing customer production times and inventory carrying costs.

Family ownership

Advantage Fabricated Metals is a private, family-owned, business. The ownership, decision makers are on site daily and are involved with every aspect of customer projects. This involvement results in better communications and service to our customers. This on-site daily project management also provides our customers with the ability t get answers from ownership immediately, improving our customers ability to react quickly when they need to.

Quality materials access

Advantage Fabricated Metals maintains strategic quality standards, among these are:

  • Prime Materials Only: Advantage Fabricated Metals sells only prime steel and aluminum products. Every product or custom component we fabricate is accompanied by mill certification reports, documenting the quality of the metal.
  • Process Control: Every product is checked for gauge, length, width, coverage, surface quality, squareness, and correct count.
  • U.S. Sources: We only purchase American-made metals form major producers ensuring traceability, verifiable quality, and on-going supply.

For more information about Advantage Fabricated Metals and the contract metal fabricating and welding services we provide, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-815-323-1310.