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Embossing services

Embossing is a metal forming process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet material by means of male and female dies, theoretically with no change in metal thickness or by passing sheet or a strip of metal by passing between rolls of desired pattern.

Advantage Fabricated Metals offers a range of metal embossing services.

Embossing Overview

Advantage Fabricated Metals offers unique metal embossing services to our OEM clients. Our embossing services are performed in-house on our equipment. We offer a number of standard and custom patterns and can handle your metal coils up to 66" wide, one of the widest embossing services offered in the United States.


We can emboss metal at a speed of 400' per minute.


Advantage Fabricated Metals can emboss material up to 66" wide for both the part and the bed size. We believe this is the widest metal embossing dimension in the US!



We emboss the same standard materials that we stamp. Commonly embossed materials include:

  • Aluminum (All Alloys)
  • Aluminum (T1/T2)
  • Brass
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • High Strength, Low Alloy, Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Steel (All Alloys)
  • Zinc

Coil Size

Our metal embossing equipment can handle a coil size up to 17,000 pounds maximum.

Embossing Patterns

Advantage Fabricated Metals' embossing equipment can imprint a number of different patterns. These embossed patterns include:

  • stucco
  • weather grain
  • rough sawn cedar
  • custom patterns (like striated)

Run Size/Volume

Please inquire! At Advantage Fabricated Metals, we believe in handling customer needs. Our production runs have no set limits. Please call us to discuss your needs at 1-815-323-1310. Your requirements form the boundaries of our limitations!

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If your metal fabricating needs include embossing, call Advantage Fabricated Metals at 1-815-323-1310 or use our contact form to see how we can make an impression on your materials you will never forget!

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