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Metal forming and welding glossary - I

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Acronym for inside of metal.

Impact extrusion die

A piece of precision-made mass production tooling used to impact extrude aluminum drink cans, and steel engine valves, axles, builders' nails and high tensile steel bolts.

Impact line

A blemish on a drawn sheet metal part caused by a slight change in metal thickness. The mark is called an impact line when it results from the impact of the punch on the blank; it is called a recoil line when it results from transfer of the blank from the die to the punch during forming, or from a reaction to the blank being pulled sharply through the draw ring.

Impact resistance

Ability to resist deformation from impact.


A mark produced on a surface by pressure during common metal forming operations.

Inboard mill

A roll forming machine with a housing only on one end of the roll tooling shaft.


A control process in which the motion of the working members is precisely controlled in short increments.

Inclinable press

A press whose main frame may be tilted backward, usually up to a 45° angle to facilitate ejection of parts by gravity through an open back.

Incline cam

A cam that travels at an angle, other than 90° to the press stroke.


Particle(s) of impurities (usually oxides, sulphides, or silicates) which separate from the liquid steel and are mechanically held during solidification. In some grades of steel, inclusions are made intentionally high to aid machinability.

Indexable tool stations

Special tool positions in a turret press which are equipped with numerically controlled servo drives rotating the punch and die together to profile contours, nibble angles or for other special applications.

Induction brazing

A process in which bonding is produced by the heat obtained from the resistance of the work to the flow of induced electric current and by using a nonferrous filler metal having a melting point above 800 °F (427 °C), but below that of the base metals. The filler metal is distributed in the joint by capillary attraction.

Induction welding

A process in which fusion is produced by heat obtained from resistance of the work to the flow of induced electric current, with or without the application of pressure.

Inert gas

A gas which does not normally combine chemically with the base metal or filler metal.

Inner panel burr

This type of burr causes read (or bleed) through.

Inner panel read through

Also called as bleed through. It could be caused by the burr on the inner panel edge or a sharp feature on the inner panel flange.

Inner panel thickness

Thickness of the inner panel.



A separate steel which is mounted upon or into another section to aid in ease of repair or to extend wearability. It may be of similar or dissimilar metal than parent metal.

Inserted fastener

A variety of pins including nuts, studs, standoffs, or special hardware which are installed in a workpiece by inserting it into a specifically punched hole.

Inside of metal flange length

Distance of the outer panel from the trim edge to the inside of metal in the mating flange area.

Inside of metal outer panel (ISM)

Punch side of the panel side that comes in contact with inner panel.

Inside radius

See bend radius. Normally defined as Ri.

Inspection criteria

Characteristics by which the part will be evaluated both dimensionally and cosmetically.


Maximum pressure, usually in tons on the punch during drawing.

Intermediate temper

A cold rolled hardness range specified with a 15-point Rockwell B spread. See half-hard temper.

Inverted die

A die in which the conventional positions of the male and female members are reversed.

Iron hand

A mechanism attached to a press for removing a part from a die.


An operation used to increase the length of a tube or cup through reduction of wall thickness and outside diameter, the inner diameter remaining unchanged while the surface is smoothed. Thinning the walls of deep drawn articles by reducing the clearance between punch and die.

ISO drafting standard

Regulation for the creation of technical drawings published by the International Organization of Standards.


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