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Metal forming and welding glossary - J

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A type of turnover shaped like a "J" for lifting or turning over dies or die sections. Also see turnover.


See fixture.

Jig borer

A machine to locate and machine holes accurately. Also called a locator.


See inching.


An offset surface consisting of two adjacent, continuous, or nearly continuous short radius bends of opposite curvature.


IMIS action type indicating that parts of two or more coils have been combined to produce a single unit.


The portion of a structure in which separate base metal parts are joined.


Fully alloyed galvanneal product. Also referred to as the Jet-Process.

Julian date

A three digit number designating the day of the year. Examples: January 15th has 015 as its Julian date. November fifteenth is 319. Julian dates are often used for stamping date on workpiece parts.

Jumbo coil

A single coil produced by welding two or more coils.


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