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Metal forming and welding glossary - K

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Tin plate with superior corrosion resistance to mild acid food products.


A block, pin, or spool used to retain the stripper plate or pad for the designed range of travel. A block used to retain cams.


See contouring.

Kellering aid

A model, skin, cast, or template used on a hydro-tel or keller for the tracer.

Kelly screws

A socket head cap screw with the head and the upper portion of the body turned down, leaving a minimum number of threads on the end of the body. Used where the screw hole in the detail does not align with the threaded hole in the mounting surface. Also called Chicago screws, Eberly screws, or rubber screws.

Key (external)

A block partially mounted in a pocket at the perimeter of a die member to locate, add support, and/or back up that die member. It is accessible without removing the die member.

Key (internal)

A block mounted in mating pockets between two die members to locate and/or add support to those die members. It is not accessible without removing the die members.


A mechanism for removing a part from a die. Also called an ejector or knockout.


A bulge outside of the finish form area on a draw punch or cavity to take up loose metal or to help control the draw process. Also called bologna or sausage.

King post

See mandrel.

Kiss off

The area of two mating surfaces of a mold that determines the parting line.


A mechanism for releasing workpieces from a die.


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