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Metal forming and welding glossary - L

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Area where the strip is joined together with wire or bands after being broken.

Lanced and formed tab

See formed tab.


Cutting along a line in the workpiece without producing a detached slug from the workpiece.


Sharpening land the reduced area of a die block or punch that is reground when sharpening is needed. Cutting land - see die life.


A deformation pattern which occurs when the minor strain is zero. This is the most critical strain state of a material and is typically the lowest point on a forming limit curve.


See superior hone.

Lap weld

Coil ends are "lapped" over one another and welded, doubling the thickness of the steel at the weld and are then marked by a hole punch.

Lap-welded joint

Welded seam in which the two metal pieces to be joined overlap one another.

Lap joint - illustration

Laser beam cutting

A cutting process that severs material with the heat obtained by directing a laser beam against a metal surface. The process can be used with or without an externally supplied shielding gas.

Laser welding

Metal melting and fusing using the energy of a concentrated coherent light beam.


A stratum of weld metal, consisting of one or more weld beads.

Lead hit (lead shear)

A method of determining the location of the cutting edge on a steel by building approximately one-fourth inch of lead on top of the cutting edge and shearing lead with mating steel. A method of checking how much space is between mating form or flange steels.

Lead screw

Drive system which converts I rotary to linear motion.

Lead time

Time required to manufacture a product from order placement until availability.

Leader pins

Pin or a post usually fixed in the lower shoe and accurately fitted to bushings in the upper shoe to insure precise alignment of the two members of a die set. Also called a guide pin, guide post, or rider pin.


Leg size

Width and height of the filler bead of welding material.

Leveler lines

Lines on sheet or strip running transverse to the direction of roller leveling. These lines may be seen upon stoning or light sanding after leveling (but before drawing) and can usually be removed by moderate stretching.


The flattening of rolled sheet, strip, or plate by reducing or eliminating distortions. See stretcher leveling and roller leveling. The process whereby a coil of steel is flattened through several sets of opposing rollers which first overbend the blank and then progressively bend to true flatness.

Leveling blocks

Blocks used to control the shut height and levelness of a die in a spotting press. Also called stand-off blocks.

Lever arms

A scissors-like apparatus used to apply pressure to the spinning blank.


A mechanism for raising a part in a die to a height for advancing it to another station, as in a progressive die, or for ejecting it from the die. Also incorrectly called a kicker or ejector.


The mechanism also known as knockout.

Limiting dome height

The greatest depth that a material can withstand under the pure stretching of a hemispherical punch. This is a standard measurement of stretchability.

Limiting draw ratio (LDR)

The greatest ratio of blank diameter to punch diameter that can be successfully cup-drawn to a particular depth. This is a standard measurement of drawability. See deformation limit.

Line dies

A sequence of stamping dies to perform operations for completing a part.

Linear slide machine

A vertical slide forming machine with the ability to place several opposing slides arranged in a linear fashion on both the front and back sides of the tooling area providing the ability to produce complicated stampings as well as assemblies.


A straight line segment between two points.

Load up

Accumulation and compaction of metal particles between the abrasive grit of a grinding belt disc or wheel rendering it ineffective.


Locating pin

A pin or projection provided for locating work in a die from a previously punched hole. Also called a pilot pin.


Lower section of a die on which the part nests. Also called an adapter, boss, die post, horn, master, master plug, and stool.

Lock bead

A ridge constructed around a die cavity to completely restrict metal flow into the die.

Lock seam tube

A hollow (closed) roll form shape mechanically fastened using the roll form tooling.

Locking bead

A bead or projection designed to prevent metal flow in a forming operation. Also called lock spleen.

Loose wrap

A coil that is not wound tight. Winding using too little tension causes this condition.

Low profile screw

A special socket head cap screw which has a head height approximately one-half that of a nominal socket head cap screw.

Low spot

Generally, a local inboard condition on a panel which is usually in a high stress area. Also called birdbath or shadow.


Any substance interposed between two surfaces in relative motion for the purpose of reducing the friction and/or wear between them.

Luders lines

Elongated surface markings or depressions, often visible with the unaided eye, that form along the length of a round or sheet metal tension specimen at an angle of approximately 55° to the loading axis. Caused by localized plastic deformation, they result from discontinuous (inhomogeneous) yielding. Also known as Luders bands, Hartmann lines, Piobert lines, or stretcher strains.

Luster finish

Refer to finishes.


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