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Metal forming and welding glossary - N

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N/C Press

Numerically controlled press. See CNC turret press.


Numerically controlled. See CNC.


See strain-hardening exponent.


Strip condition caused by the application of too much tension that causes the metal strip to become narrower (or stretched).


To stack like parts within one another to occupy a minimum space. A plate having an opening to conform to the contour of a part used to locate the part in a die. To lay out a blank so that the outlines of parts produced will interlock with each following and each preceding part and require the minimum amount of material.


Grouping of identical or different parts in multiples within a workpiece to conserve material. The process of accurately locating and holding the part in a die or fixture by using gages or the part's form.

Nibble marks

Slight irregularities at the edge of the stock surface after progressive punching ("nibbling") operations in a turret press.

Nick break test

A method for testing the soundness of welds by nicking each end of the weld, then giving the test specimen a sharp hammer blow to break the weld from nick to nick. Visual inspection will show any weld defects.

Nickel steel

steel containing nickel as an alloying element. Varying amounts are added to increase the strength in the normalized condition to enable hardening to be performed in oil or air instead of water.

Nitrogen die cylinder

See gas cylinder.

Nitrogen pressure

The nitrogen pressure in cylinders which are used to cushion the dies.


No stock movement

On progressive dies this is the bottom portion of the press stroke during which the coil feed cannot move the strip.


The targeted value for a dimension that defines the size of an ideal part.

Nominal strength

The maximum stress (tensile, compressive, or shear) a material can sustain without fracture; determined by dividing maximum load by the original cross-sectional area of the specimen. Also known as maximum strength or ultimate strength.

Non-ferrous metal

Elements and their alloys without iron as a major constituent. These include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, nickel, and titanium.


Information other than that directly related to the shape of the product such as notes, part numbers, material lists, tolerances, and others.

Non-refractory alloy

A term opposed to refractory alloy. A non-refractory alloy has malleability, that is, ease of flattening when subjected to rolling or hammering.

Non-scalloping quality strip steel

Strip steel ordered or sold on the basis of absence of unevenness, or ears, on the edges of the steel, when subjected to deep drawing.


A metalworking operation in which the punch removes material from the edge or corner of a strip or blank or part.

Notching process - illustration


Area melted together during resistance welding. The fused metal of a resistance weld.

Nutter die

A die that incorporates nutter units to clinch nuts into sheet metal parts.


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