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Metal forming and welding glossary - O

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Designation for outside of metal. See outside of metal outer panel.


Contraction of the words oblong and round denoting a punched slot with semicircular ends and straight sides.

Off gauge

A defect referring to a variation of offset of the thickness of the plate from the designated aim gauge thickness and tolerance.


The distance along the strain coordinate between the initial portion of a stress-strain curve and a parallel line that intersects the stress-strain curve at a value of stress (commonly 0.2%) that is used as a measure of the yield strength. Used for materials that have no obvious yield point.

Offset yield strength

The stress at which the strain exceeds by a specified amount (the offset) an extension of the initial proportional portion of the stress-strain curve that is expressed in force per unit area.

Oil canning

The distortion of a flat or nearly flat surface by finger pressure and its reversion to normal. Same as canning. See elastic instabilities.

Oil hardening

A process used in which tool or alloy steels are quenched in oil as the quenching medium in the hardening process.

Olsen ductility test

A cupping test in which a piece of sheet metal, restrained except at the center, is deformed by a standard steel ball until fracture occurs. The height of the cup at the time of fracture is a measure of the ductility.

Olsen (Tester)

A device used to indicate the draw quality of the steel and to detect breakage caused by contamination or peeling of the zinc coating.

Open (radius flat) hem

Also called as radius flat hem or loose hem. A flange that is folded back over upon itself with the edge of a mating part between the fold. This fastens the mating parts together.

Open surface

Rough surface on black plate, sheet or strip, resulting from imperfections in the original steel bars from which the plate was rolled.

Open-back inclinable press

An inclinable press in which the opening at the back between the uprights is usually slightly more than the left-to-right dimension of the I slide flange.

Orange peel

Surface condition characterized by an irregular waviness of a paint finish, resembling an orange skin texture. A surface roughening (defect) encountered in forming products from metal stock that has a coarse grain size. It is due to uneven flow or to the appearance of the overly large grains usually the result of annealing at too high a temperature.

Orbital sanding

Non-straight-line abrasive finish with irregular circular marks.

Organic coating

Designation of any chemical finish containing carbon.

Orthographic drawing

A drawing showing a projection of a part which all the features are visible.


Oscillated wound or scroll wound

A method of even winding metal strip or wire on to a reel or mandrel wherein the strands are uniformly overlapped. Sometimes termed stagger wound or vibrated wound. It is the opposite of ribbon wound.

Oscillating die

A universal die which contains a cutoff type sub-die that pivots in a horizontal plane with each press stroke. This allows the blanking of rectangular, triangular, or trapezoid shaped blanks of various angles and sizes.

Outboard mill

A roll forming machine with housings that support both ends of the roll tooling shafts.

Outer panel thickness

Thickness of the outer panel.

Outer ram (binder) load

Maximum pressure, usually in tons on the binder surface.

Outside of metal flange length

Distance of the outer panel from the trim edge to the outside of metal in the mating flange area.

Outside of metal outer panel (OSM)

Side of panel that lays on the hem die.

Outside radius

Formed outside radius of a bend.


Bending metal a greater amount than called for in the finished piece to allow for springback.


The term used to signify that the curvature of a surface is too high. Used for the overbending of a curved surface to compensate for spring back.


A gap press in which the frame overhangs the bed.

Overhanging press

A gap press in which the frame overhangs the bed. See also C-frame press. Also called overhanger.


To overhaul a piece of equipment is to pull it apart, inspect it for damage, repair or replace damaged parts, then assemble the equipment and adjust so that it operates just as if it was new.

Overhead position

The position in which welding is performed from the underside of a joint and the face of the weld is approximately horizontal.


The protrusion of weld metal beyond the bond at the toe of the weld.


A common form of chemical reaction which is the combining of oxygen with various elements and compounds. The corrosion of metals is a form of oxidation, rust on iron for example is iron oxide.

Oxidation scale

Stained, discolored and flaky surface condition.

Oxidizing flame

An oxyacetylene flame in which there is an excess of oxygen. The unburned excess tends to oxidize the weld metal.

Oxyacetylene welding

A welding process in which the required temperature is attained by flames obtained from the combustion of acetylene with oxygen.

Oxy-hydrogen welding

A gas welding process in which the required welding temperature is attained by flames obtained from the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen.


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