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Metal forming and welding glossary - V

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V die

Tool used in conjunction with a V punch.

V punch

Vee shaped tool used for angle forming.

V-bend die

A die commonly used in press-brake forming, usually machined with a triangular cross-sectional opening to provide two edges as fulcrums for accomplishing three-point bending.

Velocity of final hem steel

Speed at which the final hem steel travel during final hem.

Vent mark

A small protrusion resulting from the entrance of metal into die vent holes.


A small hole in a punch or die for admitting air to avoid suction holding or to relieve pockets of trapped air which would prevent proper die closure or action, and also reduces press tonnage required.

Vertical position

The position of welding in which the axis of the weld is approximately vertical. In pipe welding, the pipe is in a vertical position and the welding is done in a horizontal position.

Vibratory finishing

Burr removal process in which an appropriate number of parts, depending on part size and abrasive material, is accelerated and decelerated by mechanical means inside of a drum-like enclosure.


Internal friction within a fluid which makes it resistant to flow.


Area in a weld in which insufficient filler material is deposited.


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