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Metal stamping FAQs

To get answers to frequent questions about our metal stamping services, please select one of the links below:

What is metal stamping?

Stamping is a term used to refer to various press forming operations including coining, embossing, blanking, and pressing. Forming metals using pressure into the surface of a metal, usually a strip or sheet.

The operations most commonly associated with stamping are blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing.

These operations are done with dedicated tooling also known as hard tooling. Hard tooling is used to make high volume parts of one configuration of part design.

Soft tooling, on the other hand, is used in processes such as CNC turret presses, laser profilers, and press brakes. Soft tooling, on the other hand, can be easily modified or adjusted.


How large are your press bed sizes?

Our bed size is 36" x 38". This is also the same size as our maximum part size.


What is the capacity of your presses?

Our press capacities run from 150 tons to 300 tons.


What tolerances can you hold for your metal stampings?

We can hold tolerances as close as 0.005" during our metal stamping operations. This tolerance will vary depending on the part, design, material and other factors.


How fast do your presses run?

Our presses run 35 to 75 strokes per minute (SPM).


What gauge metal can you stamp?

Advantage Fabricated Metals can stamp up to 1/4" metal.


What materials do you use in the manufacturing of your stamped parts?

We will stamp most metals and alloys specified by the customer. We most often process steel products including cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, stainless steel, high strength, low alloy, steel, and most alloys. We also stamp aluminum (all alloys) and aluminum T1/T2, plus brass, copper, zinc, and even titanium.


What are your specialties?

Advantage Fabricated Metals' metal fabricating specialty is manufacturing large metal parts requiring multiple metal fabricating operations and that are made from heavy gauge metals and that are oversized, especially large width custom components.


Do you design your own tooling?

Yes, Advantage Fabricated Metals will work with the customer to define the appropriate production parameters and will develop a draft tool design for our customer’s approval.


Do you make your own tooling?

No, we contract for our tooling with a long-term vendor that specializes in producing custom tooling.


How long does it typically take to produce hard tooling?

We can get hard tooling completed within 16 weeks after receipt of order.


Do I need to pay for tooling?

One of the major advantages of contracting with Advantage Fabricated Metals to perform custom metal fabricating services is we invest in our customers! Tooling is a cost we are willing to absorb to get the business.


Do you make prototypes or soft tooling?

Our production of soft tooling or prototypes is dependant on the type of application.


How long does it take to produce soft tooling and produce sample parts?

It normally takes us two weeks to produce soft tooling and sample parts if the existing tooling can be modified.


Can you stamp more than one part in your metal stamping operations?

Yes, the process is called nesting and using it effectively allows Advantage Fabricated Metals to keep production costs competitive while lowering material costs.


What is the smallest size part you will stamp?

The smallest part we will stamp is 12” wide.


What types of quality assurance programs are followed?

We provide excellent quality for our customers. We primarily use random sampling and testing based on statistical sampling need to ensure quality based on the size of the metal stamping production run. Part accuracy is examined at the beginning and end of each shift or product run.


What is the thinnest gauge material you will fabricate?

We will fabricate a part down to 0.019”.


What are the best volumes for you to run on your equipment?

40,000 pounds is an ideal run for Advantage Fabricated Metals.


Who is responsible for the cost of tool maintenance?

We are! Advantage Fabricated Metals bears the cost of routine tool maintenance!


Can Advantage Fabricated Metals produce export-shipping documents and arrange for overseas shipments?

Yes, we prepare required export shipping documents and arrange for overseas shipments. We provide turnkey custom metal fabricating services from tooling to final shipment.


What is Advantage Fabricated Metals' minimum order?

The simple answer is that our minimum order is $500. We prefer medium to high volume for most of our metal fabricating processes, but minimums depend on a number of variables including design, tooling, cost, size, potential, etc. Please call 1-815-323-1310.


For more information about Advantage Fabricated Metals and the metal stamping, metal fabricating, and welding services we provide, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-815-323-1310.

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