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Roll forming services

Roll forming is a continuous bending operation in the metal forming process during which either metal sheet or strip metal is plastically deformed along a linear axis by being passed through a series of roller dies that progressively shape and contour the metal.

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Roll Forming Overview

Advantage Fabricated Metals offers unparalleled roll forming capabilities.

We specialize in providing unique, cost-saving, solutions to customer roll forming problems. We strive to provide innovative roll forming metal fabricating solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that desire to obtain a competitive edge on their competition through both our specialized metal forming capabilities and our creative problem-solving abilities.


Material Gauge

Advantage Fabricated Metals has some of the largest roll forming equipment in the United States. We can corrugate or roll form metal up to 10-gauge! We can handle all the easy gauges as well.

Materials Roll Formed

We can roll form virtually any common metal or metal alloy to a customer's specifications. The most common metals we roll form include:

  • aluminized types 1 & 2
  • aluminum
  • cold–rolled CQ (Commercial Quality)
  • COR-TEN™
  • Galvannealed
  • hot-dipped galvanized G-90 through G-285
  • hot-rolled P&O (pickled and oiled)
  • pre-painted sheet metal, and
  • stainless steel
  • steel



We provide precision formed, high quality, metal roll forming services and custom roll formed shapes for OEM customers on a contract basis.

We offer the widest roll forming capabilities in the industry - up to 63"! We specialize in roll forming metal with a gauge as thin as 0.017" up to 0.250". We can roll form widths as narrow as 18".


We can hold the most critical tolerances at Advantage Fabricated Metals. We can roll form custom metal components with a tolerance as close as +/-0.005".

Coil Size

Advantage Fabricated Metals' stamping presses can handle coils up to 20,000 pounds.


Tooling Options

Advantage Fabricated Metals provides turnkey roll forming operations. We'll take a customer's existing tooling and run production or we will take on a project from the ground up creating the necessary tooling. We will pay for tooling that is incorporated into the job based on volume, since we invest in our customers!

Run Size/Volume

We like to think without major limitations, so we don't define a max or min run size. Please inquire about specific roll forming job needs. We are only limited by our customers' needs!

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When a project calls for custom roll formed components, call the rest, then use the best – Advantage Fabricated Metals! Call 1-815-323-1310 or use our contact form. Let us pay for your tooling!

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