Metal fabricating tips and facts

The sections that follow contain a wide variety of information that may be useful to OEMs and other companies working with, fabricating, or welding metals. We have first provided an overview of each one of the major metal reduction processes including punching, notching, slitting, shearing, and blanking, some of the major metal deformation processes including roll forming, stamping, press braking, and embossing, and some of the major thermal joining processes such as MIG, TIG, oxy-acetylene, and stick welding.

Most of these process overviews correspond to the major services Advantage Fabricated Metals offers and we want visitors to our site to get at least a rudimentary understanding of each fabricating process.

Next, we have included many conversion tables and other tables containing information that are helpful to anyone working with raw metals, metal stocks, are fabricating metals or working with fabricated metals.

Finally, we have included a dozen considerations buyers should consider when they are evaluating a vendor that offers metal stamping services. These considerations are included to ensure buyers of stamping services understand all the ramifications that can occur when a new stamping vendor is selected.

Advantage Fabricated Metals hopes you find these metal fabricating tips and facts useful for your operation.

Metal forming process overviews

  • Mechanical reduction processes
    • Punching
    • Notching
    • Slitting
    • Shearing
    • Blanking
  • Metal deformation processes
    • Roll forming
    • Stamping / progressive die drawing
    • Press braking / brake forming
    • Embossing
  • Thermal joining processes
    • TIG welding
    • MIG welding
    • Oxy-Acetylene welding
    • Stick or MSAW welding
  • Metal stamping vendor selection and evaluation

Conversion tables

  • Gauge reference chart for uncoated steel
  • Gauge in decimals of an inch
  • Fraction/decimal/millimeter conversion chart
  • Metric conversion charts
  • Steel thickness charts
  • Press brake bend allowance chart for mild steel
  • Metal stamping formulas table