Advantage Fabricated Metals provides custom metal components, metal forming, and fabricating services for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications.  
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Turnkey capability FAQs

For answers to frequent questions about Advantage Fabricated Metals' turnkey capabilities, please select one of the links below.

If we provide a concept can you provide a finished product?

Yes, Advantage Fabricated Metals will work with a customer’s concept to then design, develop tooling for, and produce finished custom metal fabricated products or components.


If you make the tooling, who owns the tooling?

We offer two options, one Advantage Fabricated Metals owns the tooling or the customer can own the tooling.


Do you charge for engineering changes?

No, we don’t believe in charging for engineering changes, unless a major change is required and then we will discuss the situation.


Can you modify existing tooling to run in your presses?

It really depends on the situation, the condition of the tooling, and the volume of fabricated metal components to be produced.


Will you contract for, or tool to supply the secondary services that are required for a project?

Absolutely! Advantage Fabricated Metals will definitely contract outside for metal fabricating services we don’t provide.


Do you prefer to act as a general contractor or as a subcontractor?

We will work as either – whatever works best for our customers.


What types of projects have you provided turnkey metal fabricating services in the past?

We have done turnkey projects for construction equipment, defense industry, airport construction, railcar, truck and trailer, and agricultural equipment manufacturers to name some recent ones.


Will you assemble a complete product?

Yes, Advantage Fabricated Metals will provide complete product assembly! We have a dedicated assembly area in the plant.


For more information about Advantage Fabricated Metals and the metal forming, metal fabricating, and welding services we provide, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-815-323-1310.

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Fill out our contact form or speak directly to a custom metal fabricating and welding services representative at: 1-815-323-1310.

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